A Little Night Music
Winner of four Tony Awards®, Stephen Sondheim’s glorious musical masterpiece returns to the Signature stage in a brand new production direct...
Prices: $40 - $103

African Roots/Latino Soul
How many cultures can we be? This vibrant play explores what it means to be Latino, African American, and proud, growing up in the heart of the Americ...
Prices: $6 - $8

An Act of God
Written by 13-time Emmy Award® winner David Javerbaum (The Daily Show), this exceptionally witty comedy delivers a new meaning to the phrase divin...
Prices: $40 - $103

Antony and Cleopatra
History’s Greatest Love Story Julius Caesar is no more and Mark Antony, at the peak of his political power, is lustily ensconced in Egypt at ...
Prices: $30 - $79

Are you now, or have you ever been...
A fictional account of the demons and dilemnas faced by Langston Hughes while attempting to write a poem on the eve of his appearance before the Senat...
Prices: $35 - $60

Step right up! This 5-time Tony Award-winning musical by Stephen Sondheim (creator of Into The Woods, Sweeney Todd, Company) is perhaps the most contr...
Prices: $40 - $65

World Premiere! In this Latin-American fairy tale, a prince promises he can accomplish a series of impossible tasks, but he will only survive with ...
Prices: $10 - $12

Circus! The Greatest Show on Strings
CIRCUS! "The Greatest Show on Strings" returns for an encore presentation. The show celebrates the American circus with marionette animals, ...
Prices: $4 - $12

A new full-length play that explores the life of Gilded Age Washington socialite Clover Adams. Clover dives into the political and social scene upon a...
Prices: $15 - $25

Death of a Salesman
A Pulitzer Prize-Winning Classic about the Cost of the American Dream Willy Loman’s career is over. During a pivotal 24 hours, he reflects on...
Prices: $17 - $58

Presented as an unlikely counterpoint to the "feel good" A Grand Night For Singing, Disgraced is a Pulitzer Prize-winning drama that boldly ...
Prices: $35 - $60

Don Juan Tenorio, The Infamous Seducer of All Times
World Premiere! In this new, high-voltage adaptation, the legendary and iconic seducer pursues his conquests with fierce determination until the pu...
Prices: $25 - $55

It's the 1960's, rhythm and blues blended with other styles of popular music to create a new American sound popular with black and white audie...
Prices: $40 - $62

Drumming with Dishes (VA)
What happens when you invite someone very different from you to come over to play? Just such an adventure awaits an adventurous child when she introdu...
Prices: $6 - $9

Emilie: La Marquise Du Chatelait Defends Her Life Tonight
Brilliant. Passionate. Defiant. Tonight the 18th-century scientific genius Emilie du Châtelet is back and determined to answer the question she ...
Prices: $10 - $35

Fábulas Fairy Tales
We’ve added a fabulous new story to everybody’s favorites—told Smithsonian-style in both English and Spanish with lots of audience p...
Prices: $6 - $8

Hello, My Name Is...
A seven-room living installation, Hello, My Name Is… invites each intimate audience to investigate their ideas of home, self, and nat...
Prices: $30 - $40

How I Became a Pirate
Adventure abounds with HOW I BECAME A PIRATE, based upon the book "How I Became a Pirate" written by Melinda Long and Illustrations by David...
Prices: $20 - $20

I Killed My Mother
Romanian ethnic-Hungarian playwright András Visky is one of the most esteemed contemporary playwrights of Eastern Europe. I Killed My Moth...
Prices: $25 - $25

I'll Get You Back Again
Chloe is a struggling stand-up comedian – until she decides to sit in for her dead father as the bassist for his seminal psychedelic rock b...
Prices: $36 - $75

In The Heights
From the creator of the global hit sensation Hamilton comes Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first Broadway musical, In The Heights. Usnavi, ...
Prices: $37 - $84

In The Heights
Co-production with Round House Theatre Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda's first Broadway musical, In The Heights, heralded the arr...
Prices: $47 - $84

Jesus Hopped The "A" Train
Pulitzer Prize-winner Stephen Adly Guirgis darkly comic meditation on redemption and faith, Angel Cruz is a 30-year-old bicycle messenger awaitin...
Prices: $15 - $33

Julius Caesar
Our modern interpretation of Julius Caesar features an all-star cast from the DC region. Come revel in this timeless tale, and discover the parallels ...
Prices: $15 - $45

Kingdom of Earth
Tennessee Williams' Kingdom of Earth is a serio-comic play that focuses on Lot, a tubercular neurotic youth who is an impotent transvest...
Prices: $15 - $15

Lela & Co.
"In the beginning was the mattress. Gradually, other little changes - more bolts on the front door; the gun; the locked cupboard. And she knew in...
Prices: $20 - $25

Love and Information
Someone can’t get a signal. Someone shares a secret. Someone won’t answer the door. Someone’s not ready to talk. Someone is her brot...
Prices: $1 - $35

Mucho Kluncho Talent Show
Buy a pass, snag a drink, pack a sandwich, and get ready to binge-watch this parade of real, raw, relentless ridiiicuuuuulousness. An epic assemblage ...
Prices: $20 - $75

National Theatre of Ghana's Ten Blocks on the Camino Real (National Building Museum)
The National Theatre of Ghana comes to Washington, DC for an outdoor marketplace production of Ten Blocks on the Camino Real by Tennessee Wi...
Prices: $0 - $45

Native Gardens
Good fences make good neighbors … right? From the outrageous mind of playwright Karen Zacarías (Destiny of Desire) comes this hot new co...
Prices: $40 - $90

A wounded girl appears on the London sidewalk in front of Richard Mayhew. Quickly he's plunged into an underworld where heroes and monsters are re...
Prices: $15 - $30

Our Town
This seminal American classic gets a new look from the acclaimed director and adapter Aaron Posner (The Chosen, District Merchants, No Siste...
Prices: $47 - $80

Party On: a sensory revelry in Romeo & Juliet
Hot/Cold. Rough/Smooth. Push/Pull. Immerse yourself in a world of Capulet and Montague opposites in dog & pony dc’s next sensory-centered tr...
Prices: $1 - $15

Rapture, Blister, Burn
After Grad school, roommates Catherine and Gwen took divergent paths in life. Catherine followed her professional ambition and became a rock star acad...
Prices: $25 - $30

Rise Up! 2017
A political improv happening featuring players from throughout the land. ...
Prices: $8 - $15

Safe as Houses
A violent storm is more than the harbinger of rain in Piegari’s Safe as Houses. In the play, an ordinary suburban family struggles to survive b...
Prices: $35 - $35

Saturday Morning at The National: Michael Shwedick - Reptile World
Exotic creatures star in this amazing show! Michael Schwedick and his extraordinary animal friends not only teach kids invaluable lessons about the ec...
Prices: $0 - $0

Saturday Morning at The National: Nathan Starnes – Groovy Nate
Groovy Nate performances are a unique blend of music, movement, silly games, puppet skits, and comedy. The show encourages families to move, sing, and...
Prices: $0 - $0

Saturday Morning at The National: Traveling Lantern - Robin Hood
Traveling Lantern presents the legendary story of Robin Hood, the bandit of England, who stole from the rich to help the poor. Families will be thrill...
Prices: $0 - $0

She Rode Horses Like the Stock Exchange
In a nice New England park, in a nice New England city, two nice New England couples try very, very hard to be nice to each other, while the world aro...
Prices: $15 - $15

Shear Madness
A comedy whodunit that lets the audience solve the crime! Set in present-day Georgetown, Shear Madness engages locals and visitors alike as armchair d...
Prices: $10 - $50

Skeleton Crew
Faye has spent her career at one of the last auto-stamping plants in Detroit. Shanita is pregnant, Dez has a whole future to plan, and their manag...
Prices: $20 - $69

Sotto Voce
Love transcends all borders in Pulitzer Prize-winner Nilo Cruz's passionate and lyrical play.  A young Cuban man's research into the fate...
Prices: $39 - $69

Stones In His Pockets
A Broadway sensation, this tragicomedy focuses on a movie location shoot in Ireland and the delightful, touching characters caught up in it. The scrip...
Prices: $0 - $45

The Adventures of Peter Pan
Take flight to Neverland with Peter Pan, his Lost Boys and the Darling children! In this magical place filled with fairies, pirates, and mermaids, Pet...
Prices: $10 - $60

The Arsonists
The world may be starting to burn, but George Betterman has it all under control. He’s a respected member of his community with a loving wife an...
Prices: $20 - $103

The Bridges of Madison County
Based on the iconic best-selling novel by Robert James Waller. After an impassioned and impulsive four-day romance with traveling photographer Robert ...
Prices: $24 - $35

The Devil's Music: The Life and Blues of Bessie Smith
NOW EXTENDED. Mosaic’s Season Three launches with this hit Off-Broadway musical celebration of the legendary Bessie Smith, whose life was as lar...
Prices: $20 - $65

The Effect
Connie and Tristan can’t hide how they feel around each other: Hearts thumping, sleepless nights, a slightly ill excitement. They’ve f...
Prices: $20 - $45

The Heidi Chronicles
Wendy Wasserstein’s Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy traces the coming of age of Heidi Holland, a successful art historian, as she t...
Prices: $10 - $40

The Ice Child
A Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA production for families You can’t trust the fairy-folk. They stole the baby and left the Ice Child in its place. The Ice...
Prices: $15 - $15

The Legend of Pufferfish Pat: A tall tale for mad times
InterAct Story Theatre brings schools a brand new tall tale from the Old West, looking at how we deal with anger and other big feelings. When Pat gets...
Prices: $10 - $13

The Liar
A rollicking farce by Pierre Corneille first performed in 1644. This hilarious play of mistaken identities and fabrications illustrates the tangl...
Prices: $23 - $38

The Lover and The Collection
Following the success of his 2011 production of Old Times, STC Artistic Director Michael Kahn (The Critic) returns to Harold Pinter’s gripp...
Prices: $44 - $118

The Magic Flute
Discover Mozart’s fantastic adventure in opera. In this new English adaptation by Nick Olcott, Prince Tamino sets off to rescue the beautiful da...
Prices: $23 - $47

The Mistress Cycle
Jezebel, Siren, Vixen or Enchantress? The Mistress Cycle tells the story of five women: Tess, a struggling 30-something Manhattan photographer; Anais ...
Prices: $18 - $30

The Price
Everything has a price — even our dreams. Victor Franz has returned home to settle his late father’s estate. In an attic overflowing with ...
Prices: $55 - $90

The Smartest Girl in the World
Studious Leo and his younger sister Lizzy couldn’t be more different. But, the two share dreams of becoming successful and making life easier fo...
Prices: $10 - $35

The Wild Party
Lovers Queenie and Burrs fan the flames of their romance by throwing the ultimate bash in their Manhattan apartment. The parade of colorful guests inc...
Prices: $25 - $55

Widowers' Houses
An ambitious young doctor falls in love with the daughter of a predatory real-estate speculator, but while her wealth is appealing, he balks at its so...
Prices: $25 - $60

Word Becomes Flesh - Remount
With brutal honesty and raw physicality, Word Becomes Flesh is a series of letters from a young black man to his unborn son. The award-winning perform...
Prices: $15 - $40

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